Our Staff

Our staff are responsible for all of the day-to-day running of McMaster House, under the guidance of the Board. They are able to draw on the expertise of specialist contractors and professionals where needed.

McMaster House is a unique in the fact that it is the only residential scheme managed by the charity.   The staff that work for the charity work on site, the majority of days from the main office and maintenance room.


Staff spend most days on site and can be contacted during office hours over the telephone and email.   Outside of normal office hours emergency cover is provided via an emergency pull cord system, currently provided by Medequip.

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Jo Dancer
General Manager

Jo is responsible for the operational management of the scheme and is overseen by a Board of Trustees. The General Manager is the Company Secretary and on a day-to-day basis also oversees all compliance, governance, financial, asset management and personnel issues at the association.

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Bev Barrett
Wellbeing Officer

Bev supports our residents to sustain their tenancies and live independently at McMaster House.  The role of the Wellbeing Officer is to provide advice and support to residents with tenancy and welfare issues and refer them for more complex support when required.   

Garden Shed


We have two Caretakers on site responsible for looking after basic repairs, reporting when we need to bring in specialist contractors and overseeing the general maintenance. This means that most problems are fixed quickly, offering a valuable service to residents.


Tenants have the reassurance of knowing that when there are no staff on site Medequip are available to deal with any emergency situations. Each flat has emergency pull cords in all rooms, and individual residents can also have a pendant alarm if they wish. If there is an emergency call via the system Medequip will assess the situation, and send out a mobile warden or contact emergency services and/or carers/relatives as appropriate. Our own staff are updated when they are next on site, so that they can provide any necessary follow up support.