Our Staff

Our staff are responsible for all of the day-to-day running of McMaster House, under the guidance of the Board. They are able to draw on the expertise of specialist contractors and professionals where needed.

McMaster House is pretty special. All the staff work on this site only - which is very unusual these days! We have an office on site and also a maintenance room. During normal office hours there is usually somebody around to help with any problems, provide reassurance and just as a friendly face. Outside of normal office hours emergency cover is provided via an emergency pull cord system. 

Adrienne Frazer
(General Manager)

Adrienne is responsible to the Board for the overall management of McMaster House. She is the Company Secretary and on a day-to-day basis also oversees the governance, finances, staffing and maintenance of McMaster House.

Shimbo Chand
(House Manager)

Shim has responsibility for the day-to-day running of McMaster House - but her focus is always on the tenants and their needs. She is responsible for many aspects of health and safety, and also tenant welfare and support services.

Trudy Cox and Malcolm Parker

Trudy and Malcolm look after basic repairs, and advise us when we need to bring in specialist contractors. This means that most problems are fixed within a day or two. They also do a great job of painting, gardening and general maintenance.


Tenants have the reassurance of knowing that when there are no staff on site Medequip are available to deal with any emergency situations. Each flat has emergency pull cords in all rooms, and individual residents can also have a pendant alarm if they wish. If there is an emergency call via the system Medequip will assess the situation, and send out a mobile warden or contact emergency services and/or carers/relatives as appropriate. Our own staff are updated when they are next on site, so that they can provide any necessary follow up support.   


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